Q& A's for a European Union Maritime Security Strategy

Q: Why is the Commission and the High Representative proposing only elements for a strategy?

A: One of the objectives of this process is to ensure that the Member States are fully involved in the development of this strategy. A European Union maritime security strategy cannot be developed without the involvement of Member States since many operational activities are carried out by national authorities. The Commission and the High Representative are therefore looking forward to working closely with Member States in order to deliver a full-fledged strategy. We are confident that the strategy once adopted will represent the views and interests of all stakeholders.

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Towards an EU integrated approach to global maritime security


ECThe European Commission and the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy have adopted today a Joint Communication to the European Parliament and the Council "For an open and secure global maritime domain: elements for a European Union maritime security strategy".

This joint communication presents a vision of the Union's maritime security interests and threats, and proposes the areas in which cooperation between various maritime players can be enhanced beyond what is already good practice today. It encompasses all maritime functions, from coastguards to navies, port authorities and customs duty officers and would affect the EU waters as well as each ship sailing under EU Member States' – flag and have a global reach. This document will now serve as a basis for the work with Member States towards a full-fledged EU maritime security strategy.

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The Limassol Declaration – A Marine and Maritime Agenda for Growth and Jobs

limassolA European agenda for creating growth and jobs in the marine and maritime sectors was adopted on 8 October 2012 by European Ministers for maritime policy and the European Commission, represented by President Jose Manuel Barroso and Commissioner Maria Damanaki at a conference in Limassol organised by the Cypriot Presidency. Five years after the launch of the EU Integrated Maritime Policy, the Member States and the Commission reaffirmed that a dynamic and coordinated approach to maritime affairs enhances the development of the EU's 'Blue Economy' while ensuring the health of seas and oceans.

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EU funds help enhance port security

The PSMS delivers information skills and methodologies to enhance port securityA new Port Security Management System (PSMS) has been developed to help maritime and logistics professionals access and improve overall port security.

The PSMS is an interactive real-time dashboard that delivers information skills and methodologies that enable security professionals to maintain, evaluate and upgrade their security measures and create security awareness.

Henk van Unnik, who will launch the system at the Transport Security Expo, taking place at in London next week, said: “The PSMS is unique. It is the first tool of its kind which incorporates an up-to-date, self-assessment guide to enable maritime security practitioners to successfully upgrade their corporate security.”

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Ex-hackers could be recruited to UK cyberdefence force

Cyber securityGCHQ to train hundreds of enlisted computer experts including possible convicted hackers for UK cyberdefence force

Convicted hackers could be recruited to the UK'S new cyberdefence force, the defence secretary has said.

Philip Hammond announced plans for the unit last month, declaring it would have the capability to mount cyber-attacks against other countries as a means of deterring them from striking against Britain.

Hundreds of computer experts will be recruited as reservists, trained with the help of GCHQ's joint cyber unit at Cheltenham. Asked if they could include convicted hackers among their ranks, Hammond said it was a possibility.

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