French Massacre: UK Port’s in Lockdown

uk flag half mast thetimesSecurity at British ports and UK passport control posts in France has been strictly tightened in response to the recent Paris terror attack in which 12 people were murdered.

Downing Street has confirmed that there will be a heightened presence of security officials at British passport control in Paris, as well as increased checks of cars, trucks and freight arriving at British ports.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the move does not come in response to any specific piece of intelligence, but is a precautionary measure in response to the events in Paris.

The threat level to Britain remains at 'Severe'; this is the UK's second-highest rating which supposes the possibility of a terrorist attack is highly likely.

On Thursday 8, 2015, the Union Flag above Downing Street was lowered to half-mast, with an 11am minute silence coinciding with commemorations taking place in France.

The Daily Telegraph has also reported that terrorist group Al-Qaeda are plotting an attack on UK soil.



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